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Self Development

Alexander Technique Workshop

course code:  S13

Starts: Saturday 20 September 2014  10:00  1 day course


Coaching For Self Esteem

course code:  S75

Starts: Saturday 22 November 2014  10:00  1 day course


Create The Life You Want To Live

course code:  S39

Starts: Saturday 11 October 2014  10:00  1 day course


How Tibetan Buddhist Thought Can Change Your Life

course code:  S5

Starts: Saturday 13 September 2014  10:00  1 day course


Introduction To Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight And Wisdom

course code:  S12

Starts: Saturday 20 September 2014  10:00  1 day course


Presentation Perfect: Steps To Confident Performance

course code:  G1

Starts: Tuesday 04 November 2014  18:00  6 week course














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