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Student Exhibition

Showing now until the end of November 2014

The Student exhibition is a mixed media exhibition showcasing the work of some of the Folk House art students.

A selection of work from students on Portraiture, Watercolour, Experimental Art, Oils and Acrylics can all be seen side by side.

A bright and colourful show.




Little Spaces Big Places - Martha Ford - Taking Place from 29th November 2014

Little Spaces, Big Places is exhibition showcasing new, recent and old work from Bristol-based illustrator Martha Ford.

Her colourful, mysterious and often playful landscapes include small human habitats, strong compositions and striking colour palettes. Through her work, she explores the cohesion of humans and the natural world, our passion for exploration and our wonderful imaginations. With a lifelong passion for literature, particularly gothic and adventure classics, folklore, science fiction and fantasy novels, much of her work has also been created as another form of escapism and a way to satisfy her need to create her own fantastical worlds and narratives.

The emphasis is on the subject rather than the media itself however, after coming from a background in both fine art and animation, she is very interested in exploring how to merge new technologies with older, more traditional artistic processes. Some of the work is almost entirely created using gouache, inks or acrylics whilst others are partly or completely painted digitally.

Although she does paint for herself she also enjoys other peoples interpretations and reactions to her work and so leaves her explanations of individual pieces deliberately vague.



Taking place


We have a permanent exhibition on at the Folk House, however we are always interested to hear from you about exhibiting.

We do not charge for exhibitions, we take 10% on sales made during the exhibition.


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