Pottery Day Studio

Start date: 16 September 19
Day: Monday
Course length: 0 day course
Time: 10:00 to 16:15


Full Fee: £244.15

Over 65's Fee: £226.80

Benefit Fee: £203.20

Course Code: £P1

Tutor: Steve Carter

Length: 6 Weeks

Term: Autumn Weeks

Type: course Weeks

Code Letter: P Weeks


This course is an opportunity for practiced and aspiring makers to explore and develop their work in greater depth. Working through mainly self-directed projects with tutor guidance, and teaching, you can enjoy the range of materials, facilities and the regular firings that the Folk House Studio offers. There will also be short presentations and discussions around art and technology as required to feed into both individual and shared interests.

Materials List

There are no materials required for this course.

Fees & Further Information

Please be aware that your booking starts when you first need access to the room to when you leave. This means that it includes any setting up or clearing up time you may need.

A 30% non-returnable deposit is required for all bookings.

During our term times we cannot accept room bookings that might conflict with any of the courses we offer.
Evening bookings outside of our term times are subject to the availablity of our evening staff.

There is a set up fee of £10.00 per hour for all bookings in the cafe, hall and bar. If your booking takes place outside of our usual opening hours there will be an £8.00 service charge. For single room hire bookings full payment is required at least one week before the date of the booking. For block bookings full payment is required within 30 days of the last date of the room hire.

We reserve the right to refuse any room booking requests.