Oil Painting for Improvers

Start date: 23 April 19
Day: Tuesday
Course length: 0 day course
Time: 18:45 to 20:45


Full Fee: £119.80

Over 65's Fee: £108.80

Benefit Fee: £93.80

Course Code: £A 10

Tutor: Warren Sealey

Length: 10 Weeks

Term: Summer Weeks

Type: course Weeks

Code Letter: A Weeks


Oil painting improvers a course for painters who have some experience with oil painting or have already completed a beginners course. During this course we will extend experience of oil painting including tonal values, colour mixing, painting procedures and technical elements such as when to use oil mediums. Students can choose their own subjects, these can include still-life, landscape and portrait painting. Students pick their own subjects that interest them, either bring with them or pick from the teachers selection of various subjects. The tutor will offer demonstrations and one- 2 - one support with your oil painting practice.

Materials List

Please bring the following:

Recommended paint colours:

Titanium white

Cadmium yellow

Yellow ochre

Cadmium red

Alizarin crimson

Burnt sienna

Burnt umber


Cerulean blue

Ultramarine blue

Ivory black

A selection of brushes of various sizes

Low odour thinnersno turps

Linseed oil or other painting medium

2 pallette cups or two small jam jars

A pallette, tear off paper pallettes are handy

Oil painting sketch pad or canvas or canvas board 30 x 40 cm.

Fees & Further Information

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