Printing on Textiles for Home Accessories

Start date: 14 June 19
Day: Friday
Course length: -6 day course
Time: 13:00 to 15:00


Full Fee: £70.50

Over 65's Fee: £65.00

Benefit Fee: £57.50

Course Code: £C 1

Tutor: Justyna Medon

Length: 5 Weeks

Term: Summer Weeks

Type: course Weeks

Code Letter: C Weeks


This course will enable students to explore creative techniques and how to decorate home accessories and print your own unique patterns. During this course you will learn how to decorate various textiles, print napkins, tea towels, cushion covers, table runners. A course to enable students to develop the skills required to explore printmaking. Experiment with colour, shapes and creative use of stencils, create your own, unique designs. Work on a range of skills to develop confidence in handling materials and equipment while creating images and developing them into surface decoration. It will enable students to develop the skills required to prepare design for print, explore printmaking techniques, try stencilling, block printing and screen printing. You will apply what you learn to make a collection of printed items.

Materials List

Students should bring: design ideas, A4 size sketchbook, ruler, masking tape, pencil, sharpie, 3 selected colours of 120ml acrylic paint (system3, abstract, liquatex, other ) pot of 250ml of system3 textile medium for printing, fabric samples - cotton / linen all natural fibers.

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