Printing with Stencils Workshop

Start date: 15 June 19
Day: Saturday
Course length: 0 day course
Time: 10:00 to 16:00


Full Fee: £33.75

Over 65's Fee: £31.00

Benefit Fee: £27.25

Course Code: £S 58

Tutor: Sophie Rae

Length: 0 Weeks

Term: Summer Weeks

Type: course Weeks

Code Letter: S Weeks


Learn the magic of using stencils and a small roller to create multi-layered monoprints, in this relaxed workshop. Sophie will show you how to mix vivid printing inks and apply them to paper/card, utilising hand cut stencils to create abstract patterns, marks or simple designs, which can be applied to a number of flat surfaces. To see examples of the process and work you can make visit: This workshop will allow you to play with the materials, which give satisfying, quick results. There is no printing press in sight, so its easy to do on a small table at home. Suitable for complete beginners.

Materials List

Please bring a carrier bag or something suitable to take home your prints in. (We will be using oil-based ink, which will still be slightly tacky for your journey home) If you do have an image/photograph or sketch you particularly admire and would like to see if it works as a print, bring it in. We can talk through the transformation process.

Fees & Further Information

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