Folk House Staff Exhibition

Added: Monday 02 September 2019

Appearances from Leanne Lewis, Ella Charles, Rosie Bennet, Claire Duffy, Lisa Malyon, Jo Young, Margaret Crump, Richard Whitehead, Sophie Sherwood and Graham Knight. 

The Folk House staff exhibition will run from 5th September to 4th October and features members of staff from the office, pottery, cafe and darkroom.

Margaret Crump teaches ceramics and sewing at Folk House where she greatly values this opportunity to inspire and be inspired by her many students.  In her pottery she focusses on form and texture, contrasting richy glazed with textured, stained surfaces in order to make pots that celebrate clay.

Jo Young has been working with clay since school days in 1970's and enjoys experimenting with mixed methods and materials. 

Rosie Bennet doesn’t have an art degree unlike the rest of the office, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm. Rosie was taught to knit by Lisa (Duty Manager) during late nights in winter in the Folk House HQ. Rosie knits unique creations from loo roll holders to small knitted sculptures. Rosie has been working for Folk House since 2016. 

Graham Knight was a pottery student at the Folk House under Steve Carter from January 1994 - July 2002. Since 2002 he has worked from his home studio, and has exhibited a number of times at the Bristol Guild.

Sophie Sherwood is a visual artist from Dorset and Darkroom Manager at the Folk House. She enjoys cameraless photography, alternative photographic processes and taking portraits. This piece was inspired by Leicester Lo-Fi. 

Claire Duffy graduated from Illustration at UWE back in 2011 and has been working on projects in her spare time on and off ever since. The collection of prints showcased for the staff exhibition was created back in 2014 for a solo show in Oxford, it is great to see them out of storage and back in a public space again. A new body of work is currently being created so watch this space.

As Lisa’s website suggests ( drawing is her usual medium of choice but further to attending an Oil Painting Workshop at Bristol Folk House, Lisa discovered a new love for oils. Incorporating painting and her interest in the built environment, Lisa is exhibiting her oil paintings for the first time.

Ella Charles graduated from Brighton quite a while back and hasn’t had much time for painting due to being busy running the Folk House. But with a recent trip to the other side of the world, she got inspired to start painting again. She has a love of colour, shape and the outdoors which are reflected in her paintings.

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