Summer Term Enrolment Information

Added: Thursday 11 March 2021




Hope you will find all the answers to your questions below.

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  1. Term and Enrolment Dates
  2. Rescheduled Classes
  3. Outstanding Credit
  4. Gift Vouchers
  5. Pottery
  6. Darkroom
  7. Martin Lovell’s Classes
  8. Terms and Conditions
  9. COVID Procedures



  1. Term and Enrolment Dates


Summer Term 2 - 5-week Courses – 7th June – 8th July


4th and 5th May – Members, Credits, Vouchers

6th May – General Public


Summer Term 2 – Workshops – 19th June – 25th July

Enrolments – Late May onwards

These will be mainly postponed workshops and a lot of our returning favourites.


Summer Schools – Weekly classes and workshops - July and August

Not yet confirm.


Autumn Term – In-person and Online Courses and workshops – September onwards

Enrolments – mid-August


  1. Rescheduled Classes

We are doing our best to reschedule as many of our postponed classes as possible.

We will be programming these classes across the Summer and into the Autumn.

There will be several releases between now and August, so make sure you are a member or on the mailing list for these release dates.

As we have so many classes to rearrange, it will be up to the student to re-enrol on their chosen class.

We will be providing plenty of options so that no one will miss out.

If your chosen workshop or course is full, please do the following:

  1. Add yourself to the waiting list.
  2. Check to see when our next release date.
  3. Contact the Folk House office.

We will prioritise scheduling more options for full classes with waiting lists and high demand.  

Please note: We will only be open Monday – Thursday for weekly Classes. If you were attending a class on a Friday, these classes will be held online or have been rescheduled to a different day.  


  1. Outstanding Credit

If you were due to attend a course or workshop at the Folk house in 2020 and it was postponed due to COVID19, you have been issued Folk House Credit.

This credit will be on your Folk House Account.

If you have not logged into your Folk House account before, please follow these instructions. You will only have a Folk House account if you have outstanding credit, or you have done a course will us in the last year:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in – Top right.
  3. Enter your email address and select ‘Reset password’. – NB: The email will be the one you booked with originally. If someone booked on your behalf, it may be their email address.
  4. You will receive an email link to reset.
  5. Once logged in – top right, click on your name.
  6. If you have Credit on your account, it will appear under ‘Credit Account’.
  7. Once you come to book your course, at checkout you have the option to pay using ‘Credit’ or enter your voucher code.

Please note:

  • If you cannot access your credit, please contact the office. Credits from the Spring Term 2020 will be available from Friday 30th
  • Make sure you have logged into your account before enrolment day.
  • Your credit maybe in the form of a voucher starting with the letter BFH…. If so, you can redeem this at check out. Any issues contact the office.
  • Credits do not have an expiry date. If you do not feel ready to return to classes, don’t worry. You can also use this credit to pay for someone else to attend a course.


  1. Gift Vouchers

If you have a Gift Voucher standing with BFH…., your voucher was extended, and most vouchers are not due to expire until the end of the summer or in the winter.

If you have any questions concerning your vouchers, please contact the office.

Any vouchers that start with number 000…., will expire on the date given in the email.


  1. Pottery

We predict our pottery classes will be very oversubscribed this term.

We will still have reduced class numbers, please make sure you book a wheel or hand building space. Please choose the one you are more likely to do, it does not mean you have to do this for the full term.

If you normally do more than one pottery class, please be mindful that there are so many people wanting a space, please consider only attending one class this term. We will be releasing plenty more classes later in July and August for you to make up the time.

NB: Beginners classes will be Hand building only. Beginner wheel classes are postponed until our Risk Assessments deem, they safe to take place.

Monday Makers Day

If your usual attend the Monday day class, please only book on to one half of the day. If you book both, you will be refunded for one half, to allow others to join. If we have spaces available after everyone who usual books has booked, we will give priority to those who missed out in November/December.


  1. Darkroom

We will be unable to run any Darkroom courses and workshops. This is due to the size of the room, ventilation and the hands-on nature of the subject. We hope that these will return later in the year.


  1. Martin Lovell’s Classes

Versatility of Watercolour and Painting Projects have been combined and will be run as a morning and afternoon session. This is to allow more people to attend his classes.

The new title is The Versatility of Water-Soluble Media for Painting and Drawing.

Classes are currently limited to 6 but we will up the numbers closer to the time if socially distancing rules are adjusted. Please make sure you join the waiting list.


  1. Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you have read our up-to-date terms and conditions.

The main change is that, if we must postpone a class due to COVID19, you will be given Folk House credit and not offered a refund.

Please make sure you are ok with this change before committing to book.


  1. COVID Procedure

As Social distancing guidelines will still be in place, all class numbers are reduced to allow for the 2-metre rule to be in place.

Face covering must be worn in all classrooms, always, unless you are exempt.

Please adhere to the cleaning routines and hand sanitise your hands on arrival and departure.

All staff and tutors will be performing Lateral Flow Testing twice a week. We do ask that you do the same to keep everyone safe. If you need further information, please following the links below.




Updated: 27th April 2021



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