Jane Reece

Tutor Profile


Jane has taught creative writing at the Folk House since 2006. She has a doctorate (EdD) in Narrative and Life Story Research (University of Bristol), MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development (University of Sussex) and is a qualified adult education teacher. Her poetry and fiction has been published in anthologies and magazines and her non-fiction writing has been published in international journals, the Guardian newspaper and as chapters in edited works (Creative Practitioner Inquiry in the Helping Professions; Collaborative Writing as Inquiry; Autobiography; Journaling; Narrative in Sage Encyclopaedia of Action Research).

Jane teaches creative writing workshops for community and voluntary organisations, in universities, prisons, health and wellbeing groups and combines this with writing and research. Her main interest is in developing the confidence, creativity and writing skills for writers to use their own experiences - family, travel, work - as sources for fiction, poetry and prose writing. "It is all about the learners"