Rhyannan Hall

Tutor Profile


Rhyannan graduated with a Ba Hons in Costume with Performance Design from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014, and found herself happiest as a Dyer and Breakdown artist - dyeing and artificially ageing costumes to suit a production. However it is her work with Colour, Shibori, Natural Dyes and Indigo that she loves most. This led her to found Oxidate Design in 2018.

Her passion and enthusiasm bring an infectious energy to her workshops. She teaches frequently at 'Bristol Folk House'. She is currently based in The Island and is supported by The Princes' Trust.

Other weird and wonderful things she has done in her career include being trained by staff from the Royal Opera House, dyeing lots of fabric for Red Bull, the Dominion Theatre, making a giant hunk of moveable ‘clean meat’ for a museum, 6 pairs of gloves for Ru Paul in a day, an 1830’s silk chiffon gown with over 300 LED lights hand-stitched with conductive thread, many lycra dance costumes, giant pairs of pants, bondage lingerie… there is never a dull moment.