Alternative Printmaking - DIY Screen Printing at Home

Start date: 20 May 2021
Day: Thursday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 18:00 to 20:00

Course code: OA06

Full fee: £50.00 | Over 65s: £45.00 | Benefit: £40.00

Tutor: Lucy Oates

Courses description

This is an online workshop. Please check material lists section below for extra details. The workshop is for those who are open to experimentation and trying out new ways of working, not afraid to risks. It will be a creative exploration at home. The workshop will cover making our own screens out of embroidery hoops, and silk organza. I will ask that each student brings a drawing/image/idea they want to print. The prints made will not be exactly like screen printing as this is a 'screen-printing' hack. If comfortable with sharing images I would ask the students to email me photographs of the work made in the workshop, so I can share with the other students, acting as a virtual gallery. You will be sent a craft kit so you can learn this DIY screen printing technique at home. You also need to bring some materials to the workshop. These are listed below in materials section.

Material List
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