An Introducton to Flower Essences for Wellbeing

Start date: 29 July 2019
Day: Monday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Course code: SS19

Full fee: £20.25 | Over 65s: £18.60 | Benefit: £16.35

Tutor: Ellie Little

Courses description

Have you heard of Bach flower essences? Come learn about Flower Essences, a form of energy medicine that supports our wellbeing and emotional health. We'll focus on the Bach Flower Remedies and everyone will be going home with their own handcrafted blend!


If you are interested to learn more and discover the history of flower essences - We will take you on a journey, to explore the theories and practice of using flower essences. This workshop is for anyone interested in holistic approaches to wellbeing. Flower essences are very popular worldwide and used to support emotional balance. Let's discover more about the characteristics of each of the Bach flower essences. This workshop will include some guided meditation and a chance to try the essences. You will also have the opportunity to discover for your self the healing potential of nature and choose your own bespoke flower essence combination to take home.


N>B - Essences are held in water and contain no actual physical traces of the plants. Your flower essence combination will be created by you for you based on your own choices and the essences you choose.

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