Complete Figure Drawing and Anatomy

Start date: 06 June 2019
Day: Thursday
Course length: 5 Week Course
Time: 19:30 to 21:30

Course code: A 28

Full fee: £57.50 | Over 65s: £52.00 | Benefit: £44.50

Tutor: Chris Halls

Courses description

For beginners, this five week course will provide students with a complete understanding of simplified anatomy for the human form that can be applied to many other practises, such as life drawing, portraiture, illustration, animation and sculpture. You will be able to draw the body correctly in proportion as well as successfully move it in 3-dimensions, understanding weight and gesture by utilising a variety of poses and eventually exaggerating the form for style. 1. 3-D forms and isolated anatomy groups. 2. The head, hands and feet. 3. Proportion. 4. Weight (simple poses) 5. Gesture (complex poses) 6. Exaggeration for design and style.

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