Creative Photograms

Start date: 26 October 2019
Day: Saturday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 10:00 to 16:00

Course code: S43

Full fee: £39.75 | Over 65s: £37.00 | Benefit: £33.25

Tutor: Martin Edwards

Courses description

Photography as we know it began with photograms ('photogenic drawings' in Fox Talbot's words). This course offers the chance to experiment creatively to bring out the potential of this simple but effective form of camera-free image making. During the workshop will make photograms using a variety of methods and materials. No previous darkroom experience is necessary, though having done an introductory course will help. A photogram is a photographic image that is made without a camera. Objects are placed directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive photographic paper and then exposed to light in a darkroom. The paper is then developed by using light-sensitive chemicals in the darkroom. The result is a negative shadow image that shows variations in tone; the range of tones depending upon the transparency of the objects used. There is a wealth of creative opportunity in this wonderful traditional form.

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