Discover Watercolours Colour Texture

Start date: 04 November 2019
Day: Monday
Course length: 6 Week Course
Time: 19:45 to 21:45

Course code: A14

Full fee: £57.50 | Over 65s: £52.00 | Benefit: £44.50

Tutor: Greg Harris

Courses description

Colour and texture are the key words in this watercolour course: colour can be an exciting but intimidating arena to enter; texture is one of the lesser appreciated options when it comes to watercolours. However, this course will offer you a structured approach to colour use and open up the possibilities of the surface qualities you can create in your work so you can make considered decisions in the future. This course focuses on being supportive and giving appropriate guidance to match the level of the learner. Learners to bring their own materials. Suitable for individuals of any level of experience.

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