Get to Know Your Pelvis - A Key to Good Posture and Good Health

Start date: 16 November 2019
Day: Saturday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 10:00 to 16:00

Course code: S66

Full fee: £28.75 | Over 65s: £26.00 | Benefit: £22.25

Tutor: Catherine Chevalier

Courses description

                        Why is the pelvis so important?

The pelvis is a very important “meeting place”, supporting the legs, the spine, the abdomen and the lower back and thus the whole body.  So the pelvis provides the foundation for good posture and for a healthy body.

                     What will I get from this Workshop?

Reduce stress

Stimulate your immune system

Boost circulation

Encourage good posture

Strengthen the core

Ease depression and anxiety

Realign the spine

Increase creative thinking

Reduce back and leg pain issues

Reduce frequency of headaches or congestion.


Learn and explore the pelvis, how it connects with the rest of our body.

Understanding, with gentle exercises, how the pelvis functions and creates good posture.

Incorporating tapping, breathing, sound and  movement.

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