I Wish I Could Paint

Start date: 06 November 2019
Day: Wednesday
Course length: 6 Week Course
Time: 14:45 to 16:45

Course code: A2

Full fee: £69.00 | Over 65s: £62.40 | Benefit: £53.40

Tutor: Bill Guilding

Courses description

This is a 6 week beginners course in representational painting in acrylic. We will start with a simple landscape and you'll be guided through the painting procedures step-by-step, layer-by-layer. On the way we'll look at colour relationships and learn colour-mixing. Then we'll paint other subject matter and learn more techniques. Acrylics dry fast, which means they tend to leave the painter's 'hand-writing' (brush-work) more visible, and acrylics lends themselves to experimental textures and a succession of layers better than other paints.

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