Introduction to Alexander Technique

Start date: 03 March 2020
Day: Tuesday
Course length: 5 Week Course
Time: 18:00 to 19:30

Course code: G1

Full fee: £43.90 | Over 65s: £39.75 | Benefit: £33.00

Tutor: Jennifer Mackerras

Courses description

Have you been struggling to solve any of these common problems? - discomfort using office equipment at work or home - work-related stress - tension headaches 'the doctor can find nothing wrong, and says you just need to relax - anxiety over giving presentations - desire to improve the way you sit and stand to give you more confidence Alexander Technique might be just what you're looking for. In this six week course you will learn how to apply the ideas and principles of the Alexander Technique to your daily life. You'll develop the skills to improve your freedom and flexibility in everything you do, within a fun and supportive group class environment. Jennifer has helped students reach their potential with activities as diverse as singing, yoga, swimming, walking, using a computer, playing an accordion, and chopping carrots. Any activity that involves mental and physical effort can be improved and made easier using Alexander Technique principles.

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