Italian Beginners Entry Level

Start date: 25 September 2019
Day: Wednesday
Course length: 12 Week Course
Half term: no classes between 28 Oct and 1 Nov
Time: 20:15 to 21:45

Course code: L1

Full fee: £103.50 | Over 65s: £93.60 | Benefit: £80.10

Tutor: Davide Ariasso

Courses description

Start to learn Italian.The course is intended for beginners: people who have never studied Italian before or who have a basic idea but also great uncertainty about their knowledge. You will learn a basic command of the language, becoming familiar with everyday expressions. You will make general questions or sentences such as introducing yourself, talking about your hobbies and daily activities, weather or time. The course content includes reading, writing, audiovisual, listening and speaking components.

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