Powerful Communication Skills Workshop

Start date: 05 October 2019
Day: Saturday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 10:00 to 16:00

Course code: S27

Full fee: £28.75 | Over 65s: £26.00 | Benefit: £22.25

Tutor: Daniele Perchiazzi

Courses description

Communicating effectively isn't an innate talent that some people have and others don't; it's something that anyone can learn and practice. In this highly interactive course, learn strategies that can help you hone and master your interpersonal communication skills. Join Life&Business Coach Daniele Perchiazzi as he shares techniques for getting your message across effectively in the workplace and at home, and explains how to tackle potential communication challenges. Particular attention will be paid to the following points: 1) Thinking straight, speaking clearly 2) Powerful questions 3) Good listening skills

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