Singing for Vocal Ease

Start date: 23 April 2024
Day: Tuesday
Course length: 6 Week Course
Time: 14:00 to 15:00

Course code: BD19

Full fee: £54.00 | Over 65s: £48.60 | Benefit: £43.20

Tutor: Christina Smith

Courses description

This course allows beginner singers (and those who just want to learn more about their voice) the chance to take a deeper look into vocal mechanics and build confidence in singing, in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

You will gain an understanding of the way our voices work, learn healthy vocal techniques (including breath support and mix voice), gain confidence in vocal performance, and make warming up an easy part of your singing routine.

If you would like to continue with this course after half term, Singing for Vocal Ease Extended will take place as an extension to this course: For those who enjoyed Singing for Vocal Ease and would like to form a deeper understanding of their voice - this course will allow us to look closer at tone, technique, harmonies and playful vocal expression. Continue to form an internal relationship with your voice, to nurture and control your own unique sound.

This course focuses on vocal mechanics and is packed with content, alongside the singing.
As a beginner friendly course, it's structured to gradually help develop healthy vocal technique. If you're new to singing, there’s plenty of time to get comfortable and gain confidence, as we begin singing more and more each week.
Course structure:
Week 1: The Importance of a Vocal Warmup


Week 2: Breath Support


Week 3: Placement and Resonance


Week 4: Shaping Tone


Week 5: Melody Movement
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