Tarot for Everyone - Reading the cards

Start date: 06 July 2024
Day: Saturday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 10:00 to 13:00

Course code: SM07

Full fee: £28.50 | Over 65s: £25.65 | Benefit: £22.80

Tutor: Carolyn Dougherty

Courses description


Now that you have some familiarity with the images of the Waite-Smith
Tarot, we can begin to explore how you can use them to enrich your
understanding of yourself, other people, and your situation, and to
prompt your intuitive ability to make decisions and choose options.

In this workshop we will cover the following topics:


    How to ask questions the cards can usefully answer


    How to prepare to use the cards for insight


    How to choose a ‘spread’ for a card reading


    How to understand and interpret card positions and patterns


    How to work with another person when doing a reading, including
    reading ethics

We will do some hands-on exercises in the whole group, small groups and
on our own; we will be guided by what topics and activities work best
for the group on the day.

We will be working only with the Waite-Smith Tarot in this workshop.

This workshop is ideally for people who have already participated in the
Tarot for Everyone workshop, and who are comfortable observing,
interpreting and expressing meaning and insight from the images – we
will not specifically discuss card meanings or working directly with the
images in this workshop. Please only enrol in this workshop if you’ve
done the Tarot for Everyone workshop, or if you feel confident in your
ability to work intuitively with the cards; if this applies to you than
I look forward to seeing you!

Student Testimonals:

Carolyn was very friendly and informative. She created a supportive atmosphere and encouraged participation from everyone.

Carolyn was great, she encouraged us to share and explore the meanings of the tarot. The class surprised me in a good way.

Carolyn encouraged me to use my intuition and imagination.


This workshop is not suitable for beginners. Please only enroll in this workshop if you've done the Tarot for Everyone workshop, or if you feel confident in your ability to work intuitively with the cards.



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