Wellbeing with Flower Essences - Online Workshop

Start date: 14 May 2021
Day: Friday
Course length: 1 Day Course
Time: 19:30 to 21:30

Course code: OG05

Full fee: £30.00 | Over 65s: £27.00 | Benefit: £24.00

Tutor: Ellie Little

Courses description

This is an online workshop. Please check material lists section below for extra details. Discover the teachings of plants with this workshop on flower essences. Flower essences are very popular worldwide and used to support emotions and balance subtle energies. In this workshop you will learn some background about the theories, history and practice of using flower essences. You will then get to connect and discover flower essences for your self, as we go on a journey with a guided meditation and a chance to try the essence that will be sent to you in the post. Staying well and looking after your inner world is so important. In the world right now there is much stress and this worksop will guide you to relax, connect and learn about the healing potential of flowers and how it can be beneficial to cultivate a relationship with the natural Earth. This course is for anyone interested in ecotherapy, meditation -connecting to the Earth and holistic approaches to wellbeing. You will have the opportunity to discover for your self the healing potential of nature and how powerful working with flowers can be.

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