Yoga Class - Breathe, Connect and Be

Start date: 08 June 2021
Day: Tuesday
Course length: 5 Week Course
Time: 13:00 to 14:00

Course code: BF05

Full fee: £35.00 | Over 65s: £31.50 | Benefit: £28.00

Tutor: Claire - Louise Symonds

Courses description

A lunchtime Yoga session for you to take some time out in the day to stretch and relax. The 'art' of yoga is at the heart of yoga. Our bodies are like a unique and exquisite instrument: exploring how we move is like learning to play music. Engaging our curiosity whilst moving with the breath is like experimenting with melody, tone, volume and pitch. In this way our practice can become more like a meditative dance where the breath, body, mind and soul are interconnected and we become more in tune with ourselves, each other, and the earth. Through exploring our bodies in this way, we can truly get to know ourselves and connect with the world in a more authentic, peaceful and joyful way. The body can begin to heal itself from pain and disease that results from continued stress and strain. We can become truly in tune with ourselves. Through this course of mindful yoga: You will learn how to connect the breath to the movements of the body so that movement becomes more holistically connected and graceful. You will learn how to work with gravity to explore connection to both the ground below and the sky above so that a sense of groundedness and rootedness is developed and then a sense of freedom and ease can arise. You will learn to connect inwards to the somatic feel of the body and let that sense guide you in terms of what movements feel right for you in each moment.

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