Funzing | Surviving the Millennial Life Crisis | 1.2.19

Added: Monday 17 December 2018

The Bane of Millennials: The 1/3 Life Crisis

How are you going to spend 2018? Doing the same things, the same way with the same people, or do you need to shake things up? We've all witnessed the misfortune of the midlife crisis and many of us have personally experienced the quarter life version. The Gen Y Life Crisis is an ultramodern beast of disillusionment affecting those aged 27-35 in our work, relationships, expectations and concept of fulfillment.

You've been in your career for five to ten years; you're bored, burnt out, looking for a change but feel stuck. Where do you start? How do you stomach starting again? You might be dissatisfied in your current relationship and now want to decide whether to end it or improve it; or perhaps you've channelled so much energy into your work that you're single and want a partner, but are bewildered about how to make it happen when online dating is a quagmire and you don't know if you can bear to face Tinder again.

You've probably dabbled with yoga and given meditation a shot, but it's not quite giving you that je ne sais quoi. Your job and Instagram might look and sound great, but your experiences aren't quite matching up. The external ingredients for success and happiness are there, but it all seems a bit meaningless. Everything feels a bit grey and stagnant while being mega stressful at the same time - you somehow can never find the time and head space to do the things you really want to do. To top it off you're plagued by an inner monologue that whispers that you're a bit of an impostor and will never quite measure up.

The key sign of a Third Life Crisis is that your primary motivator has started to switch from achievement to fulfillment, but you're feeling clueless about what to do next... or what fulfillment even means.

You want peace of mind and a sense of meaning. And crisis demands adaptation. You're restless, confused, and are hungry for direction. This talk is designed to take the edge off.

I've spent seven years as a therapist and coach working with hundreds of people in this position and have developed an evidence-based framework to give you the clarity and motivation to take action.

I'll show you how to build your self-awareness, break down and dig into different areas of your life, subdue your inner critics, choose and ask the right questions, and begin to make important decisions that you feel excited and confident about moving forward with.

Using the latest research on relationships, happiness and the neuroscience of habits, happiness, and decision-making, you'll leave this talk with new insights, a clear map and lots of resources and practical exercises to support your plan of action. You'll get the knack of:

> Building new habits as quickly effectively as possible (clue: it doesn't magically happen after 21 days!)
> Connecting with people, socially and romantically, on an authentic level
> Designing a personal happiness and fulfillment formula
> Learning why you have to stop "shoulding" and how to do it
Utilising appreciation over gratitude
> Mindfulness hacks for first time, never again and experienced meditators
> Maximising your happy hormones


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