David Wax Museum

Date: Friday 31 January 2020

Opening times: 19:00 - 22:45

Venue: Bristol Folk House

Ticket Price: £12.50 Advance inc 50p admin fee

Genre: Singer songwriter

Website: https://www.davidwaxmuseum.com/

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David Wax Museum, Friday 31 January 2020

Co-founded by couple David Wax and Suz Slezak, David Wax Museum have been making music together for the past twelve years. They’ve released seven records, secured multiple top 20 chart placements and have performed alongside the likes of The Avett Brothers and Los Lobos.

After taking a break to focus on their family, the partnership are back with a new album ‘Line of Light’. Recording the LP in the Nashville-based home studio of Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne), the album sees David Wax Museum hone their skills in blending folk roots rock, traditional Mexican Son music and Americana.

"Global crossover at its best" - 4-star review, The Guardian

"Joyous, sun-filled rhythms and melodies playing across poetic vistas of love and harmony." - 4-star review, Q Magazine

"Ambitious, explorative and compelling" - 4-star review, R2

"Honest music with rich harmonies, catchy melodies and gentle Latin rhythms." - 4-star review, Songlines


It’s been over ten years since David Wax and Suz Slezak played their first show, kicking off a partnership that’s led to seven albums, multiple Top 20 chart placements, performances alongside bands like The Avett Brothers and Los Lobos, and – most importantly – a family of four. As that family has grown, so has the band’s sound. Filled with husband-and-wife vocal harmonies, Mexican stringed instruments, melodic hooks, and blasts of brass, David Wax Museum’s albums fly the worldly flag for a brand of Americana that reaches beyond American borders.

In 2018, after honing a new batch of songs on the road, they found themselves making music in the Nashville-based studio of Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne) who produced David Wax Museum’s most compelling work to date, Line of Light. Released in 2019 by the Austin-based label Nine Mile Records, the album refocuses on the band’s two co-founders. Inspired by current events and personal challenges, Line of Light offers its own mix of message and melody. This is honest, heartfelt music, anchored in sharp songwriting and uncluttered by heavy-handed studio production. For those who caught one of David Wax Museum’s earliest shows the album feels like a homecoming of sorts, sweetened with contributions from David Wax Museum’s full lineup but still grounded in the raw power of the band’s two-member core. It’s a bright album for murky times, a reminder of music’s ability to drive out the darkness, one song at a time.

"Big Sur" on CBS Saturday Morning 

"Uncover the Gold" on CBS Saturday Morning

"Equal in the Darkness" on CBS Saturday Morning

Venue open 19:00
Hall Doors 19:30
Show 20:00


Ticket Information

Tickets are available from:

The Bristol Folk House
40A Park Street

Call: 0117 926 2987

Please note: There is a 50p Administration fee on all tickets

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