Ross Titmuss

Tutor Profile


I first experienced shiatsu in 1999. After a year spent living in Japan in 2006, I wanted to deepen my understanding of shiatsu and in 2012 began the professional practitioner training course with the Bristol School of Shiatsu. I graduated in 2016 and have since worked as a shiatsu practitioner in Bristol and North Somerset. Part of my current shiatsu practice is at the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Southmead Hospital.  

My background before shiatsu was as a teacher and I’m still very much drawn to teaching and learning. As well as having many years’ experience teaching in schools and colleges, I love creating and running workshops. I have done so recently for Bristol Healthy City Week, Hamilton House’s School of Wellbeing, as part of my private shiatsu practice and for a local charity. I am often invited to give talks about shiatsu theory and Taoism at the Bristol Theosophical Society. 

As a learner, I am fortunate to have had some especially skilled and experienced teachers and I actively aim to use this experience in developing my own skill as a teacher. I currently practice tai chi with Mark Leonard and qigong with Karel and Eva Koskuba, all of whom are high-level practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts. My principle shiatsu teacher was Keith Phillips, practitioner of over 35 years and founder of one of the UK’s original shiatsu schools. In Japan, I practised aikido at the Kobe Seibukan under its chief instructor Nakao Shingo (7th Dan).