Arlette Hodgkin

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Arlette is a French national who has lived and worked in Bristol for a number of years. She has taught French at all levels, from raw beginners, through intermediate and advanced, including French conversation classes discussing current affairs and French literature.

As well as teaching at the Folk House, Arlette also teaches with the Alliance Francaise, has taught at Stoke Lodge, and gives private lessons to students of all ages, including coaching for GCSE O and A levels. She has coached for HND exams; taken conversation classes at UWE; taught and examined employees at Airbus; and taught French at the Council House in Bristol.

Her classes are always popular and many of her students continue with them for several years. Whether you want to get more enjoyment from your holidays in France, or gain a better understanding of France and the French way of life, Arlette’s friendly and popular classes are a great way to learn.