Carolyn Dougherty

Tutor Profile


Carolyn has been working with and studying the Tarot for more than 40 years, and has facilitated Tarot study groups online and in person since 2017. In addition to her experience as a Tarot reader and study group facilitator, she has many years of formal teaching experience, from teaching computer literacy as a volunteer to teaching history as a PhD student at the University of York to five years as an instructor in architecture and engineering at a sixth-form college in California.

Carolyn's teaching style is a combination of interactive presentation, group discussion and sharing, and individual journaling and meditation. She never fails to be surprised and delighted by the observations and ideas shared by people new to the Tarot, and loves to see them develop their own ways to access their intuition and increase their skill and confidence in using Tarot as a tool for divination and introspection.