Cathy Mills is a Bristol based artist who is a long standing member of the Glos Print Coop in Stroud www.gpchq.co.uk where she teaches lithography and monoprinting.

Cathy enjoys teaching and feels that working with people and offering skills to others is important to her own creativity and brings joy. Teaching monoprinting to others is a skill that she is always refining and learning from.

Her approach to the 6 week course will be to spend 2 weeks covering each  basic element beginning with working in monchrome with tone and layers and then exploring methods to make different marks and lines and then moving onto colour. This is not always a linear process! Students will end with a good basic knowledge of monoprinting and a variety of prints. Cathy will be working without a press and hence students can work at home.

To see more of Cathy's work, go to https://www.catherinegraymills.co.uk   
Instagram account: cathymills8814   

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