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Ella Bryant is passionate about all things printerly. Her background is in photography. When she did her Photography MA 6 years ago she discovered the joy of alternative photographic printing whereby you can print photographic images onto unusual surfaces. Ella loves to explore the potential of using self-portraiture with sculptural processes to try and represent states of mind. She is currently create assemblage sculptures out of found objects then either print back on top of them or make photograms from them in the darkroom. Her biggest accomplishment in the darkroom is managing to print a giant face on a 4 ft balloon, which is now sadly looking like a shrivelled prune.  As well as doing her own art practice, she loves teaching photographic print processes and ink based print processes to adults and children.  The processes she teaches have a magical and experimental quality to them where the results are often unusual and surprising. Ella teaches at galleries, museums, pubs, schools, festivals and community spaces. She loves meeting new people and printing so she finds running workshops deeply rewarding. She aims to create a safe space where participants feel free to experiment, play and get inspired.

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