Graham Parish

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Originally from Bath, now living in Bristol, Graham studied photography at Salisbury College of Art between 1979-81. Whilst working as a press photographer at Butlins in 1983 a freelance commission arrived from American Express to document a travel conference in The Hague. From there he assisted an American advertising photographer, Scott Morrison, who specialized in food photography - clients included prominent food retailers like Marks & Spencer.

For many years he worked out of his own advertising studio, then moved into landscape photography when he began to get commissions from the Countryside Agency (now Natural England) photographing the English landscape.

Graham has always been involved in community. This is what inspired his square9 project (which can be seen on the wall in the Hen & Chicken pub in Southville, Bristol) and as a reaction to the number of cars on the road in Bristol, about 10 years ago, himself & three others started the City Car Club. They started with one car in Norton Road, Knowle, Bristol and now there are over 50 cars in Bristol alone. He continues to work as a photographer but now also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.