Artist Greg Harris was born in 1984 in Chelmsford, UK. He enjoyed a childhood growing up between Essex, Suffolk and West Sussex. Harris obtained his BA in Fine Art at Leicester's De Montfort University, completing his degree in 2009. The artist launched into months of travel in the Far East after this point, gathering inspiration and a teeming sketchbook along the way. Upon his return to England, the artist set up a studio in Leicester in 2012. He now lives and works in Bristol.

Greg Harris paints with extraordinary skill and natural intuition for colour palette. The artist aims to provide viewers with a crossover between the literal and non-literal, depicting environments and scenarios familiar to the audience. Harris implements his thorough understanding of colour and pattern to depict figurative scenes in a painterly fashion. The result is a fresh and unique style which viewers can see themselves in, picking up the hints Harris gives and running free with the imagination from there.