Hannah Redden is an interior designer with a deep passion for colour, texture and reinventing spaces that reflect their owners aspirations. With decades of experience, she creates practical and beautiful interiors, meticulously designed to enhance her clients experience of living. By bringing inspiring designs into a real life context, Hannah has gained considerable renown in Bristol and further afield.

After graduating from The Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Textile Design, Hannah spent time seeking inspiration in India and Morocco. Returning to the UK in 2006, she went on to complete a diploma in Interior Design, whereafter she launched her flourishing business.

Now based in her beloved Bristol, Hannah provides a personalised interiors service, with each and every project a collaboration between herself and her clients. With first-hand experience gained not just from working on client interiors but also on three home renovations for herself and her family.

Hannahs expertise is frequently shared through workshops and courses. She aims to unleash her students personal style and bring it into an interior design context, while providing essential skills and inspiration to those seeking to enter the industry.

She believes that by engaging with her students and helping them connect with their innate creativity and self-expression, she can enable the confidence to embrace colour, vibrancy, and distinctive approach to design.