Whether you are searching for greater ease in the body, more stability in the mind or a deeper connection to something beyond the material world, Mel will guide you to the greatest teacher of all: your heart.


In a chronically stressed world, with seemingly endless deadlines, financial pressures and constant political tension, we can become exhausted, disconnected, and fearful. Our physical and mental wellbeing begin to suffer, and it may become difficult to find feelings of joy and contentment.


Yoga brings the release of physical, emotional and mental tensions and we immediately start to feel better about ourselves and the world around us. After just one class the difference can be immense! Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated - simply bringing conscious awareness to the way we move, breathe and think can be incredibly healing.


Mel believes yoga should be an empowering practice for all regardless of physical ability or experience, and it is with compassion, wisdom and love she offers yoga as a gift to be shared.


Committed to developing her own knowledge and study, Mel has completed the Yoga Alliance diploma level teacher training, and specialises in well-woman yoga therapy, yoga nidra, and restorative yoga.


Mel has studied with with international and senior teachers, and has taught at yoga holidays in Greece, run retreats across the south west of England and Wales, and teaches classes and workshops regularly in Bristol.