Rebecca O'Farrell

Tutor Profile


Rebecca first began ceramics by taking up a course in order to find herself a new hobby. She ended up falling in love with it and have not looked back. Rebecca has worked for other potters at several studios around Bristol and currently works as the kiln technician for Trylla and teaches here at the Folk House, as well as selling her own work.

Rebecca specialises in ceramic jewellery and small figures. She spent some time doing volunteer work in Japan and finds her work is greatly influenced by Japanese styles and ideas. Rebecca has found a way to channel her inner child to create whimsical, colourful, charming ceramics.

In her courses, Rebecca creates a fun, open experience in which students are encouraged to think for themselves. The classes feel lively and full of friendly conversation. Students are encouraged to have their own direction in the pieces they make. For Rebecca, the more ambitious the idea, the better! She is always there to give some professional advice and suggestions to make thoughts and ideas come to life.

You can see Rebecca’s work here.

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