Ronnie Wright

Tutor Profile


Ronnie is a designer, maker and craftivist. Her background is in Product Design, so she has always been interested in problem solving and the ways in which things are constructed, and that includes all things textile and yarn. She enjoys designing and making sewn and crocheted garments and accessories.

More recently she has been learning and developing new ways to mend, repair and repurpose textiles in a creative way, teaching visible mending. This elevates mending itself as a thing of beauty. Visible mending is not only a way of consuming less, but is about individual expression and creativity.

Ronnie learned darning and embroidery as a child. Having run a number of visible mending workshops over the past few years, she has seen a growing demand from those either wanting to learn or to apply those skills in new ways, both to reduce waste and to customise and personalise clothes.

Ronnie has years of experience of organising and running adult workshops for various voluntary and community groups. She enjoys supporting people to explore ideas and techniques in a fun and sociable environment, where participants are comfortable to gain confidence and new skills.