Zoe Pither

Tutor Profile


Zoe is a yoga and mindfulness teacher with over 15 years’ experience working in training, personal development and wellbeing.

Zoe teaches yoga, mindfulness and stress management techniques to help people thrive when life is complex and demanding. She works to create moments of stillness and connection that allow you space to breathe and just be. From this place you are free to think clearly and get your life working in the way you want. 

Whether with individuals, groups or organisations, working with kindness to stimulate positive change is at the heart of what Zoe does.

Zoe draws on a wide range of professional experience and training in coaching, yoga, mindfulness, communication skills, laughter yoga, training design and delivery, performance, communication skills and movement training to inform my work.

Zoe’s current interests are positive psychology; mindfulness based approaches; stress and resilience; creativity and the power of play. She is currently studying a MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches at Bangor University.