Our facilities include seven electric wheels and a kick wheel, two large kilns and test kiln, damp-store, slab roller, moulds, decorative slips, underglazes, glazes and more. We use smooth white stoneware clay, Crank (Raku type clay) and Earthenware.


What is Your Pottery Level? 


Completely new to Pottery

Wed am and pm and Thurs pm and Saturday Pottery Tasters.


Have attended one or two beginner classes

Repeat a beginner class with a different tutor - Wed and Thurs pm beginner classes, Wed mornings, Saturday workshops.


Have completed a full beginners course and/or have sufficient knowledge of the basics of materials, tools and processes to launch into own projects with support and can work for much of the session independently

Mon or Tues day studios or evenings, Wed or Thurs pm improver classes.


Confident with own ability and skills and starting to develop own style

Mon or Tues day studios or evenings, Wed or Thurs evening improver classes.


N.B - Returning students, please note that once you have studied up to the improvers and advanced levels and you have reached a level with your pottery where you are quite independent and develop your own style, please think about making the space available for new students to learn.  The Folk House wants to offer the chance to as many people as would like to come and have a go and learn new things. So we hope returning students will spread their wings and in your own studios elsewhere if they have developed beyond the teaching offered at the Folk House.  Thank you. 

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The pottery studio is now available in separate morning and afternoon sessions for makers with some experience. For practiced and aspiring makers to explore and develop their work in greater depth. Wo ...


5 Week Course

Course Code: P3

Current Folk House students can use this workshop day as a top-up to their regular class. Other students with some experience of working in clay may negotiate a project with the tutor. This workshop ...


1 Day Course

Course Code: S87

Discover power in walking, comfort in sitting and pleasure in dancing by mobilising your pelvis. Using gentle, yet specific movement lessons you will develop greater awareness of this central part of ...


1 Day Course

Course Code: S89

Do you struggle with presentations? Do you want to improve your skills, or learn how to deal with nerves? In this day workshop you will learn: - why public speaking is a different skill to everyday sp ...


1 Day Course

Course Code: S74

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