We offer lunch time and early evening courses, so you can fit in your fitness classes into your weekly schedule. Keep Fit with gentle exercise, Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates.

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Yoga Flow is community based yoga class that is suitable for all levels, including beginners. In this practice you will be invited to explore the principles and practice of yoga in a fun and explorati ...

Starts: Mon 15 April 2024, at 18:00

11 Week Course

Course Code: BF01

We may be finding ourselves less stable and connected due to these strange, shifting and challenging times and left with a sense of wobbliness, stressfulness and helplessness. This can be so unsettlin ...

Starts: Sun 07 July 2024, at 10:30

1 Day Course

Course Code: SF16

Whilst cycling offers many health benefits, it also creates tension and stiffness in the muscles of the legs, hips, back and shoulders. During this workshop, we will work to release the legs - hamstri ...

Starts: Sun 07 July 2024, at 14:00

1 Day Course

Course Code: SF17

Join us for an invigorating Pilates workshop designed to focus on the foundation of a healthy body - your spine. I will guide you through a series of targeted Pilates exercises aimed at strengthening ...

Starts: Sat 13 July 2024, at 10:30

1 Day Course

Course Code: SF18

This class offers a full-body workout focusing on strength and balance through standing, chair and mat-based exercises, using small pilates equipment. Through creative exercises, you will improve your ...

Starts: Fri 26 July 2024, at 11:00

5 Week Course

Course Code: BF01

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