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Most people will suffer from back ache at some point in their life, whether you spend a lot of your time sat at a desk or standing on your feet, have poor posture or are recovering after a mild injury ...

Starts: Sat 28 September 2019, at 10:00

1 Day Course

Course Code: S13

Whether you suffer from insomnia or a restless sleeping pattern, you will benefit from this simple, effective practice. Explore yogic techniques for relaxation and mindfulness and will learn simple yo ...

Starts: Sat 19 October 2019, at 13:00

1 Day Course

Course Code: S39

Discover the practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice translated as Yogic Sleep, or Sleep of the Yogi. Yoga Nidra is widely used therapeutically as a way to manage many conditions such as ...

Starts: Sat 23 November 2019, at 13:00

1 Day Course

Course Code: S83

Yogic Medicine

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A theorectical introduction to Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, and its use of diet, herbs, oils and gemstones in the maintenance of health. Student's will gain an insight into the Trido ...

Starts: Sat 16 November 2019, at 10:00

Tutor: John Smith

1 Day Course

Course Code: S74

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